Daily Archives: 10 September 2012

More Bears!

I just love bears as a subject matter, and I love this photo, so I had to repost it.

A wolf biologist in Yellowstone NP was airborne when he came across this grizzly over a bison kill while studying a wolf pack. What an incredible stare down by that grizzly as he stands guard over the carcass.

It is believed that the bison was killed by another bull bison during the rut while trying to lure one of the ladies. The wolf pack was off to the side waiting for an opportunity for the leftovers.

It would seem that the biologist and the pilot are taking some flack for getting so close to the big bruin, but I don’t see any signs of harrassment in that bear’s face.

Photo courtesy of Doug Smith

Endicott Island

Some visitors are enjoying Endicott Island, which is around 15 miles from Prudhoe Bay, but only 2-3 miles off shore. With the sea ice out, an estimated 130 polar bears are roaming Alaska’s north coast from the Canadian border to Barrow waiting for the freeze, according to some BP people we ran into. I have no idea if that figure is accurate, but I’ve sent my bear biologist friend out as a fact checker.

Polar bears are far more aggressive than your run-of-the-mill grizzly. An oil worker was mauled a couple of years ago when a polar bear was looking through a small window at his work camp. The worker swatted a rolled up newspaper at the window, in an attempt to “shoo” the bear away. The polar bear came through the window taking out half the wall with it.

Even polar bears are curious as to what that plug is hanging from our vehicles’ grills.

Quick run up the Dalton

A friend joined me for a quick run up The Haul Road in the Beetle to do some camping and poke around for caribou. It was the Bug’s first/last/only road trip of the season, which is a bit depressing when one thinks about it, but I’ve been damn busy this summer. It was a beautiful few days out on the tundra, if a tad chilly in the morning at 20 degs.

Wildlife was everywhere. Moose, bear, caribou, dall sheep, muskox, sandhill cranes, and thousands of waterfowl. It was a nice escape from the bustle of Fairbanks.

Try to find the grizzly in the pic above.