Damn Chilly

When it’s this cold outside, and you heat with a woodstove, sleeping in can be a tad inconvenient. I don’t have to work until Wednesday, so I didn’t wake up until 7 this morning. The cabin was chilled, to say the least. I climbed out of a very warm bed, took a quick look at the thermometer on the wall… 46 degs, but I’m thankful it was above zero… then stoked up the fire, leaving the dampers open and climbed back into bed.
Two hours later, I awoke to find the cabin back up to 66 degrees.
Plus I was well-rested.

I did make a quick run into town, which the truck felt was completely unnecessary. It was -53 degs, so I can’t find fault with the Chevy having an attitude. Minus fifty really is a different world. Getting into the truck, I might as well have been sitting on a marble park bench. There is absolutely no give to the seat. The truck is so stiff, and it takes extra gas just to break the tires free from the ice. I think it took close to a mile before the tires warmed up enough to lose the flat “thumpity-thumpity”.

At the corner of University & Airport, I spot a kid outside in a Statue of Liberty outfit, slinging a mini billboard promoting “Tax Savings” from Liberty Tax in the mall nearby. Honestly, that’s a tough gig in decent weather. The poor guy had a hard time spinning the placard with thick mittens, but I have to send out kudos for the effort. He just kept at it.

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