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When I was out on the run to Lost Maples, I felt a vibration at over 55mph that traveled though the entire truck and right up the steering column. It seemed to increase as I made the return trip. We checked out the propeller shaft this morning, and found a little play in the far, rear, u-joint.
Dropping the shaft, we took it in to “Driveshafts Unlimited” in San Antonio. Walking through the door, with the propeller shaft over my shoulder, the guy behind the counter says, “Land Rover?”. Talk about really impressing the two guys walking in through the door.
When I asked about lead time, he says, “Go grab some lunch, and it’ll be done”.
We grabbed some lunch, and sure enough, we hadn’t been driving for 5 minutes when Mac received a call saying the driveshaft was ready. What a great shop.

I’m still trying to figure out how to make use of the combo unit toolbox/auxillary 40 gallon fuel tank they were selling.

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