It does rain in Texas…

monkey head

After 88 degrees one day, the front came in, temps dropped and rain fell from the sky here in San Antonio. 1.1 inches overnight, in a windy, thunder & lightning filled show. We just don’t get many good thunderstorms in Alaska, so at least it was something different to wake up to.

I took the Rover out to Lost Maples Natural Area today, for a little run. A beautiful drive through the hill country and a nice hike along the Sabinal River. I should say that the drive back was beautiful, since I couldn’t see anything on the drive out due to the pouring rain and thumping hail. That little wiper on the Rover was having a hard time keeping up.

The pic above is “Monkey Head”, which is just a short side trail trek off the East Trail in Lost Maples. Above were some golden eagles soaring the thermals, but that photo didn’t do them justice.

The picture I took of the 20 vultures on the javelina carcass was quite vivid, however. So stay tuned!

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