Jennerstown Speedway

Jennerstown Speedway

Jennertown 3

Jennertown 2

On Friday, our off day from hockey, we took a drive east on U.S. 30, where we stopped in Latrobe for lunch, as well as to check out the brewery. A little further on, we found the spot where Fred Duesenberg overturned his Duesenberg on the Lincoln Highway, while driving at a “high rate of speed” on 2 July 1932. He was expected to recover from his injuries, but pneumonia set in and Mr Duesenberg died on July 25. Duesenberg was a member of the first class of the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame in 1990.

We then stopped by, the now defunct, Jennerstown Speedway. The track was founded as a flat half mile track in the late 1920’s.
“Stanley ‘Piney’ Lasky, now deceased, purchased Jennerstown Speedway in 1967. During the next 31 years, the speedway developed a solid reputation for providing some of the finest local and touring series programs in dirt, and then asphalt, racing in the eastern United States.”
The track was paved in 1987.

The historic track has been closed for several years, and is reportedly for sale.

Quote courtesy of The Tribune-Democrat.

The photo which showed Jennerstown Speedway in better days, was removed at the request of David McCardell.

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