Travel Day

I had breakfast this morning in Knoxville with Tom and his sister and her husband. It’s been a few years, so it was great seeing them again, and I was glad that I didn’t depart earlier.
Since Knoxville Raceway had called off Saturday’s races, I had a lot of free time on Saturday. In the end I repacked The Rover, then went over all fluid levels. Everything looked good, nothing required a topping off. I’m still getting used to this new concept. Knock on aluminum.

After breakfast, I headed north up I-35 towards Minneapolis. The drive was uneventful other than the standard Rover Gawkers. I thought one kid was going to climb out of the back window of the car and onto The Rover’s wing.

The Rover purred along in the cool air and I found it easy to cruise at 63-65 the entire drive. Several times I looked down to see the speed above 70, and twice it hit 75. I dropped her down even though the engine didn’t feel like it was working hard at all. It was the substantial tailwind; it pushed us up the interstate like we had a large sail attached.

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