A Reminder: Winter is Around the Corner

UAF -50

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As if the disintegrating fireweed isn’t enough of a sign, I’ve noticed the sandhill cranes flying overhead all this week. Winter is right around the corner for those of us in Interior Alaska. In fact, this past week was one of Toyostove servicing and chimney cleaning for clients. I have yet to climb up on my own roof, but at least my woodshed is stocked full.
So, I’m comfortably in my cabin on this August evening with the windows open and “Mulligan Meets Monk”, from the old Riverside label, is spinning on the turntable. What better time for a reality check?

Some insight into Fairbanks “Autumn” Weather:

Average first freeze is September 8.

Average first snowfall is September 21.

Average first inch of snowfall is October 8.

On average, by October 18, the snowpack is established and sticks around until May.

Average first date below zero is October 28.

Here’s to a very long autumn…

This post comes by request via Milwaukee. I guess it may be time to “drop the puck”.

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