Daily Archives: 5 November 2013

Snow, vile snow

Winter has at last found Interior Alaska. It’s been snowing here all day and this time I imagine it will stick until May. It’s been a nice autumnal run, but alas… it has come to the dreaded, white, inevitable end.

I spent much of the afternoon in the Rover Hut. A work bench has been built, power run over from the cabin, and two pendant lights have been wired in place and they now hang from the weather-resistant lid. I started up the torpedo heater, and within 5 mins I had to take off my jacket. 30 secs later, it started to rain inside due to the condensation, and 5 mins after that the snow had slid off the roof. Not a major test of the heater with the balmy 20 degree air outside, but it will certainly heat the shelter at zero or above. Which is all I’m asking it to do.

I admit, I’m getting kind of antsy to get some things done to The Rover. Plans to work on it this summer were put aside to chase the mighty dollar, but winter is a good time for projects, although now I’m hankering for a real garage/shop.
I was asked to housesit for someone this month. I declined the invite to stay there, but agreed to check the place daily. “If it gets cold, and you need to use the garage…”
I tried to play that one cool, but I know my eyes lit up when that was offered, and it probably seemed odd when I later casually asked to see the garage and measured the height of the door.

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