Daily Archives: 14 November 2013

It’s a mess out there.

To say that a storm blew across Interior Alaska last night may be a bit of an understatement, for it howled through like a banshee here. The winds brought warmer air, driving the mercury to 44 degs just before midnight. That was one degree short of the record high set in 1976.
It was pouring down rain at my place at 11pm. The wind gusts hit 70mph in places, knocking down ice laden trees all over the area. At 2:30am there were 14,000 homes without power.

Then the temperature dropped and the snow returned.

I had to let the fire go out in my cabin due to the +40 degree temps last night, and have yet to start a fire tonight. Because neither one of my heat sources require power, my electricity only went out for 15 minutes.
The power is out at the house I’m looking after, so oddly enough, I had to start up their pellet stove today. I’m now running an experiment: Will the back up battery that runs the stove die before GVEA has the power restored? Also: How many hours of burntime can one extend a hopper full of pellets? I’m on a quest for answers the homeowner didn’t have.

The skies are crystal clear tonight, which means the mercury will drop to single digits. Subzero temps are slated for tomorrow night. I’m hoping the power returns out there tomorrow. Afterall, who wants to housesit a dark house?

michael-rougier-glen canyon

“When the situation is hopeless, there’s nothing to worry about.”
— Doc Sarvis