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Glen Hwy 1974
Chevy truck traveling up the Glen Highway, 1974

In 1971, the newly founded Environmental Protection Agency announced the start of a photodocumentary project. The EPA gave free rein to a nation of free lance photographers in documenting a changing American environment. Documerica was the result, and it ran through 1977.

Of the 22,000 plus photographs submitted, over 15,000 have been digitized and uploaded to flickr. Here are a few of the Alaskan photos taken for the project.

AK Ferry Bartlett, Prince Wm Sound 1974
MV Bartlett crossing Prince William Sound, 1974

Fox Galbraith Lake AK 1973
Fox at Galbraith Lake, 1973

Documerica Caribou
Caribou north of Brooks Range

All photos courtesy of the U.S. National Archives