Little Brown Jug Heads to Minneapolis

Gophers Hoist Jug in Big House

The 111 year old Little Brown Jug traveling trophy was up for grabs in the Big House of Michigan on Saturday. Minnesota vs Michigan is one of the oldest rivalries in college football, with the first meeting between the two programs taking place on Northrup Field in Minneapolis in 1892. The earthenware jug entered the competition in 1903, when Michigan coach Fielding Yost had the team manager buy the 5 gallon crock for 30 cents. Yost didn’t trust the Gopher fans; he thought they may contaminate the Wolverine water supply.
Minnesota tied that 1903 game late in the second half. A thunderstorm hovered above, as Minnesota fans rushed the field. The game was eventually called a 6-6 tie with 2 minutes remaining. Michigan walked off the field, leaving the jug.

Little Brown Jug after capture

A Minnesota custodian, Oscar Munson, recovered the jug from the playing field. The team painted the jug brown, and a traveling trophy was born.

In the past 4 decades, Minnesota had only won the trophy three times. On Saturday, the Golden Gophers dominated all facets of the game. Minnesota running back, David Cobb had more yards rushing on the ground (183), than the entire Michigan offense had as a team (171).

Luckily, through the magic of the internet, I was able to listen to the Minnesota radio broadcast online while I was working. I love the fact that smart phones plug into my jobsite radio. I guess technology isn’t always a bad thing.

2014 Minnesota celebration photo courtesy of Minnesota Golden Gopher football.
Black & white photo courtesy of the Michiganensian … 1909 edition

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