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Happy Summer Solstice!

The Midnight Sun Game at Growden Memorial Park; photo credit: Explore Fairbanks

The Midnight Sun Baseball Game has been played on every summer solstice in Fairbanks since 1906. The game starts at 10:30pm, and has never been played under artificial lights.

On a separate weather note: Fairbanks saw it’s first 80F degree day of the year on Thursday, June 20. That’s 10 days later than the average for the first 80. We’ve been dry and quite sunny, with temps basically running in the 70’s up until the Big Eight-Zero finally arrived.

The warmest Summer Solstice on record in Fairbanks happened on 21 June 1991, when the official airport thermometer hit 94F.

Have a great Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice

High noon in Alaska’s Interior

It’s going to be an active Solstice, with a Full “Cold Moon”, and the Ursid meteor shower. The American Meteor Society expects peak activity to be around 11 sporadic meteors per hour just before dawn in the mid-Northern Hemisphere. With the full moon, they may be a tad difficult to spot.

Also early Friday morning, Mercury and Jupiter can be seen in the southeast sky just before dawn at only .9 degrees apart, which is about two moon-diameters.

The Fairbanks Weather Almanac:
Details for Dec 20, 2018

Low Temp………….. -24F
Avg Low………….. -13F
Record Low……….. -48F

High Temp……………- 7F
Avg High…………….+ 5F
Record High………….+40F

Wind……………….. 0 mph

Sunrise……………. 10:59am
Sunset…………….. 2:41pm
Length of Day………. 3 hours, 42 minutes; which was NO LOSS from the previous day!

Happy Summer Solstice

The view from the ridge at midnight, on a hike to Tolovana Hot Springs, over the Solstice.

This was either the 1am sunset, or the 3am sunrise, as seen from the hot springs.

Happy Winter Solstice

Midnight in The Interior

Happy Summer Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice

Sun's Path AK Summer Solstice
The sun’s path north of Alaska’s Arctic Circle on the Summer Solstice
Photo credit: Alaska Stock Photo

The festivities are well under way here in Interior Alaska for the Solstice Weekend.

The Fairbanks Stats:
Sunrise: 2:58am
Sunset: 12:47am
Civil Twilight: Rest of Night
Length of Day: 21 hours, 49 minutes

Happy Winter Solstice

Solstice Stats Fairbanks

Winter has officially arrived, and Interior Alaska is taking the date a little more seriously than usual. On Friday, December 19, Fairbanks saw its first subzero high temperature of the winter season. On average, we see our first subzero high by November 18.

Our unusually warm winter continues. The coldest we have seen so far, was -18 degs, which we hit on November 27 and 28. I can remember years when we couldn’t wait to see the temperature rise up to -20, and so far this season, we have yet to even drop down to that. It’s been damn nice, and I’ve been going through firewood at a snail’s pace. For the record, the latest we have ever seen the first -20 is January 3, which happened back in 1915.

Our winters may seem warmer lately, but they haven’t been any brighter. Sunrise this morning will be at 10:58 am, with the sun setting at 3:39 pm. Keep your eyes open, because it’s going to be a quick one.

Rovering the Solstice

Photo courtesy of Land Rover

Happy Summer Solstice

It’s a wet one here in the ‘Banks, but I’m hoping you all get out and enjoy the longest day of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere.
We have car shows at the antique auto museum, the Midnight Sun Run, as well as midnight baseball, to just name a few of the Solstice activities in Interior Alaska.

From here on out, we’ll be losing daylight.

It’s all downhill from here:

Frozen Light House