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On our second run up to Maine, we stopped by the Owl’s Head Transportation Museum, which was well worth the price of admission. Owl’s Head is a working museum, which means that besides the stuffed horse and the rather small bull moose, the collection is all in working order.

Faster: The Quest for Speed

One of the exhibits was Faster: The Quest for Speed. The exhibit will be on hand through 2016.

1915 Duesenberg “Benedict Special” Indy Team Car
The “Benedict Special”, a 1915 Indy team car and the second oldest Duesenberg.

1954 Fabulous Hudson Hornet
My 1954 Fabulous Hudson Hornet


'36 Bomber Coupe
Dick McCabe’s ’36 Chevy Coupe Bomber

1932 Harley Davidson 32-V
1932 Harley Davidson 32-V

1917 Fokker Triplane
1917 Fokker DR.I Triplane

A 1917 SPAD XIIIC.I The SPAD is forever linked with American WWI Ace Eddie Rickenbacker. The SPAD was also the plane that Hobey Baker was flying when he crashed and lost his life.

1923 Fokker C.IVa
1923 Fokker C.IVa Biplane. This particular Fokker attempted a Trans-Pacific flight via Alaska and the Aleutian Chain. It made it to Vancouver. The Fokker Bi-plane in general had a rich history in Alaska’s pre-statehood days.

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