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Sharin’ The Blues

Map credit: NWS Caribou, Maine

Alaska and Canada sharing some Christmas weekend love with the Lower 48. You’re welcome!

Arundel Speedway

Arundel, Maine

Arundel Speedway - air
Arundel Speedway, as seen on google maps

While in Maine, the Frozen Foursome stopped by Bentley’s Saloon in Arundel last year. I really wanted to go out to the old speedway, but it is now located on private land. As luck would have it, we found a local who could take us over to the track.

Speedway "Grandstands"
The line where the grandstands once stood

Turn 1
Going into Turn One

Coming out of Turn 2
Coming out of Turn Two, the IH has taken the early lead

Turn 3
Hard into Turn Three

Home stretch
Home stretch


It was really cool to be able to walk around Arundel Speedway, and we all greatly appreciated the tour.

Arundel Poster
Arundel ’64 poster. Photo credit: wickedgoodracing

There is not a lot of information readily available on Arundel Speedway when it was in operation. The 1/3 oval, paved track opened in 1964 and closed by 1971, although some sites claim a few races were run up until 1974.

That lack of information is what caused the delay in posting, but as we come onto the year anniversary of our visit to the speedway, I figured I better get this post written.

Fans at Arundel Speedway were treated to some big names. HAMB photo.

Arundel racers
Photo source: Unknown

Action returns to Arundel. Photographer: Unknown

Some racing has returned to Arundel Speedway in recent years, as restored, vintage racers from local clubs get on its asphalt.
Walking the old track, I was surprised at how good of condition the pavement was.

Dick Berggren
Motorsports announcer Dick Berggren began his career at Arundel Speedway.

If you can’t get out to see the old track, Bentley’s Saloon, is still, well worth the trip to Arundel.

Last Coke

Arundel Coke Machine



Owl’s Head Transportation Museum

Owl's Head logo

On our second run up to Maine, we stopped by the Owl’s Head Transportation Museum, which was well worth the price of admission. Owl’s Head is a working museum, which means that besides the stuffed horse and the rather small bull moose, the collection is all in working order.

Faster: The Quest for Speed

One of the exhibits was Faster: The Quest for Speed. The exhibit will be on hand through 2016.

1915 Duesenberg “Benedict Special” Indy Team Car
The “Benedict Special”, a 1915 Indy team car and the second oldest Duesenberg.

1954 Fabulous Hudson Hornet
My 1954 Fabulous Hudson Hornet


'36 Bomber Coupe
Dick McCabe’s ’36 Chevy Coupe Bomber

1932 Harley Davidson 32-V
1932 Harley Davidson 32-V

1917 Fokker Triplane
1917 Fokker DR.I Triplane

A 1917 SPAD XIIIC.I The SPAD is forever linked with American WWI Ace Eddie Rickenbacker. The SPAD was also the plane that Hobey Baker was flying when he crashed and lost his life.

1923 Fokker C.IVa
1923 Fokker C.IVa Biplane. This particular Fokker attempted a Trans-Pacific flight via Alaska and the Aleutian Chain. It made it to Vancouver. The Fokker Bi-plane in general had a rich history in Alaska’s pre-statehood days.

Bentley’s Saloon


While in Boston for hockey’s Frozen Four, we ran up to Maine and paid a visit to Bentley Warren’s saloon in Arundel. 

A fun bar to visit, and those Nitros go down beautifully. 

The short road trip up to Maine allowed me to check off my final state. I have now been to all 50 U.S. States. 

Kendall Hockey Classic

– Anchorage –

Alaska had faced Wisconsin 7 times previously, and had lost all seven, but the teams had not faced each other since 1993.

Friday night, the Nanooks played a great defensive game, giving up only 14 shots on goal, in pulling out a 1-0 win over the Badgers.

Anchorage also looked good in a 3-1 win over Maine.

Not a bad night for the two Alaska programs.