Found: One Fageol Interurban Safety Coach

Fageol Safety Coach at DNP
A 1924 Fageol Safety Coach in Denali National Park. Photo credit:Frances Erickson

During the 1930’s, the Mt. McKinley Tourist & Transportation Company used a Fageol Safety Coach to haul visitors into Denali National Park. The Fageol had a 218-inch wheelbase and could carry 22 passengers. In 1941, MMT&T Co lost the National Park concession, and the Fageol was brought to Fairbanks, where it has sat outside for the past 70+ years.

1924 Fageol Interurban Safety Coach
The Fageol Interurban Coach after 70 years of Fairbanks weather. Photo credit: Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum

An old photo of the coach in Denali, led to a rumor that the coach was in Fairbanks. It was found, surrounded by willows. After sitting out in the elements for 73 years, the Fageol Interurban was in extremely rough shape. The coach was donated to Fountainhead Auto Museum in Fairbanks, which went about preserving the vehicle for exhibit.

The refurbished Fageol
Photo credit: Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum

The refurbished Fageol Interurban Coach, complete with its Hall-Scott 4 cylinder engine, can now be seen on display at McKinley Chalet Resort.

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