Knoxville Nationals

Knoxville Raceway in Iowa is in the middle of its Big Week right now. The 55th running of the Knoxville Nationals is going on, and the video above is from the finish of the Capitani Classic, which ran on Sunday night.

If you’re into racing at all, the Nationals is an experience worth throwing on the bucket list. It’s quite the sprint car spectacle.

Cheers to my friends in Knoxville, especially those on the Second Floor of the HoF.

Video courtesy of Knoxville Raceway

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4 responses to “Knoxville Nationals

  • Larry Janicsek

    Mike, Thanks for thinking of us. So far ( 5 nights ) the racing and weather have been safe and good. Three more race nights remain and the weather forecast looks really good and we feel the racing will also be top notch. Things are very busy in the museum and all around the town. Take care, lpj and tjs

  • Andy Clark

    Mike, We had a pretty good and certainly fun Nationals…. Of Course the Kevin Swindell thing was not good…. Wish you could come back during Nationals again and I’m sure the Rotary Club feels the same way… Andy

    • icefogger

      Thanks Andy, I’d love to head back there during Nationals, although I’ve heard Rotary has a warrant out for me for giving out too much chicken in the sandwiches.

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