Daily Archives: 21 August 2015

The Rover gets hitched

Rover's old hitch

I wanted to replace the old hitch with a receiver hitch on The Rover. A previous owner must have backed up into something, because the tab was bent upward, causing the trailer ball to lean inwards towards the truck. They must have been moving pretty good, because that is some beefy metal that was bent.

New receiver hitch

Unlike some parts that I’ve bought for vehicles, the replacement hitch mounted up perfectly. In fact, I think it was one of the easiest replacements I’ve done. My only complaint, is that if a company is going to send a set of fasteners to mount the thing, please send a complete set. And since I’m on the Parts Soapbox: If you’re going to send grade 8 bolts, why send grade 2 nuts? It’s a hitch… let’s go whole hog and make it a proper, and complete, set.

Still, it looks good and the new tow bar for the Beetle hooks up quick & easy.