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First Overland

land-rover-series 1-1955-first-overland-expedition-01


The Oxford & Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition left London on September 1, 1955 on their way overland to Singapore.  Traveling in a pair of Series I vehicles provided by Land Rover, the expedition was the first to make the drive from the English Channel to Singapore.



Cambridge & Oxford, along with the Land Rovers’ six man crew, took 6 months and six days, traveling 18,000 miles through France, Monaco, Germany, Austria, Jugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia), Greece, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Malaya to reach Singapore.


“First Overland”  the book on the adventure written by Tim Slessor was originally published in 1957.  The film donated by the BBC thanks to David Attenborough to chronicle the trek, was broadcast originally on BBC for their “Traveller’s Tales” series.  It has been remastered and edited and is available in documentary form on DVD.

“…one might reasonably claim that both the journey and its telling are now regarded as classics of their kind…”

—David Attenborough