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Happy Halloween

Orcas lie

I think this morning was the coldest so far this season here in Squarebanks. 10 degrees by my thermometer. At least it is still in the positive range, although probably not for long.

Comic by Liz Climo

“Mutual of Orono Wild Kingdom”

Here is a 1998 promo from the University of Minnesota to add a little “wildlife” to the game between Minnesota and Michigan. My favorite part, is the little “squeak”, by the Wolverine.

Good luck to the Gophs and to recently promoted Coach Claeys.

Battle for the Little Brown Jug

Minnesota faces Michigan at TCF Bank Stadium on Saturday, and the Little Brown Jug, college football’s oldest rivalry trophy, is back on the table.

UM vs UM in 1903
The only known photo of the 1903 game between Minnesota and Michigan at Northrup Field in Minneapolis.

As I’ve written before, the University of Michigan football team left the 30 cent jug behind after a hard fought 6-6 tie vs the University of Minnesota at Northrup Field in 1903. The iconic water jug has a mythology all its own, and that has only grown over the decades.

The soon to be traveling trophy hanging in Cooke’s office.

The jug was “captured”/collected by Oscar Munson after the game, and given to Minnesota Athletic Director Dr L.J. Cooke, where it was suspended from the ceiling in his office until 1909 when Michigan returned to Minneapolis.

Oscar Munson takes the story from there: “We didn’t play Michigan until 1909. The day before the game, Coach Yost came into Doc’s office for a visit as usual. The first thing he saw was that old water jug hanging from the ceiling. “What’s that?” he asked Doc. He told him it was the water jug Michigan had left behind six years ago. ‘That’s the first time I heard about that,’ laughed Yost. Doc suggested Michigan should try to win it back and it was all right with Yost.”

The 1903 game between Minnesota & Michigan grossed just shy of $31,000 (which would be approximately $860,000 today). No doubt both Cooke & Yost saw the benefit of promoting the rivalry.

Little Brown Jug

Minnesota will host Michigan at TCF Bank Stadium on Halloween for the 102nd meeting of the two football programs.

Mind no more

All Hallow’s Eve Week Continued


Comic comes courtesy of Knoxvegas, IA

A tough day for Minnesota football

<> at Michigan Stadium on October 1, 2011 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

<> at Michigan Stadium on October 1, 2011 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

In what was no doubt the most raw, and the most difficult sports related press conference I have ever watched, Jerry Kill resigned as the head coach of the Minnesota Golden Gopher football program. Coach Kill has battled epilepsy since 2005, and it was hoped that the seizures were under control, but they have returned this year. Following his doctor’s advice, Kill has retired from coaching, effective immediately.

“I don’t want to be a liability,” Kill said Wednesday. “I don’t want somebody to have to worry about if I’m going to drop on the field. I don’t want to coach from the press box. I want to coach the way I coached my whole life. I don’t have any more energy. None. I’ve left it all here in the great state of Minnesota. And I have no regrets.”

Kill has been a football coach for 32 years, with the last five at the University of Minnesota. When he arrived at Minnesota, Kill found a program mired in years of mediocrity, with the program’s best years decades in the past. In his short time at Minnesota, Kill returned the football program back to relevance, earning the B1G Coach of the Year Award in 2014.

Coach Kill will be deeply missed at the University, but I have no doubt he will be successful at whatever venture he turns to next.

Best of luck to you Coach.


Halloween Week

Witch Chipmunk

Comic credit: Liz Climo… find Liz on tumblr

The Force Awakens

It’s Halloween Week

Darth Vader's helmet

The best thing in the recent trailer for the new “Star Wars” flick. Long live Lord Vader.

RIP Flip

Flip Saunders - Golden Gopher Basketball

“Don’t listen to what people say because they don’t understand the will that you have.”
— Flip Saunders

Photo courtesy of Golden Gopher Basketball

The Queen of Technicolor

Maureen O'Hara/The Quiet Man

Maureen O’Hara, one of the last living actresses of the Golden Age of Hollywood, died on Saturday. The fiery redhead from Dublin, starred in over fifty films, getting her first major role in “Jamaica Inn” which was directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1939. O’Hara’s breakout role came in John Ford’s 1941 film “How Green is My Valley”, which won best picture that year over “Citizen Kane”. In all, O’Hara did five films under Ford’s direction.
She once said of John Ford, “At times [we] wanted to punch him in the nose. But Ford was a genius. He was talented, and intolerable.”

She also made five films with John Wayne, with three of those being directed by John Ford. “The Quiet Man” was one of those films, and it remained O’Hara’s favorite over the years.
In one scene from the film, O’Hara whispers something in John Wayne’s ear in order to get a shocked reaction. Johnny Nicoletti, O’Hara’s manager & biographer, said she never revealed what she whispered. “She held it and took it to the grave,” Nicoletti said. “All three of them took it to the grave. I tried to get it out of her, but she said, ‘We all made a promise.’ ”

John Wayne & Maureen O’Hara driving a 1914 Stutz Bearcat

Maureen O’Hara was awarded an Honorary Oscar in 2014. She died in her sleep at her home in Boise, Idaho, listening to the music composed by Victor Young for “The Quiet Man”. She was 95.

That’s a winch

1969 Deuce and a Half
1969 GMC Deuce and a Half