It was -25 here in The Valley, and I forgot to plug in the truck, so I have some time to kill this morning while the engine warms up. The truck will start no problem, but why inflect that kind of torture on the poor vehicle?

The picture is from last weekend’s bonfire that took care of last summer’s brush pile & demolition scraps.

Yesterday morning I spotted some small moose tracks in the drive. I say small, even though they are at least twice the size of a large whitetail… I spotted a cow moose and her twin calves while out for a late afternoon walk. The three newcomers stuck around much of the evening, and there were fresh willow branches scattered across my deck this morning. The calves spent all of the daylight hours within the edge of the treeline, so no photo ops were presented. The snow level was well past thier bellies anyway.

Between the recent ptarmigan flushings & my attempt at daily walks, I realized how much I miss having a good dog.

I started reading “11/22/63” in an effort to read something other than travel books and parts catalogs, and found the premise to be intriguing. How many would travel down “the rabbit hole” if it were available? Unfortunately, the ending is becoming disappointing… taking the easy way out, from the way things look.

Speaking of fracking disappointing: Listening to the WCHA Final Five tourney last night via internet radio… The third period was horrific to listen to, and I had to shut it off. Talk about a Jekyll & Hyde performance, and to the Fighting Prairie Winds of all teams. Absolutely embarrassing.

The Open North American is going on in downtown today. Think: Sprint races with dog teams, as opposed to the long distance races of the Yukon Quest & Iditarod. It’s a lot of fun, but I’ve been before and I just didn’t want to deal with the traffic.

Congrats to the emerging hockey star who tallied a hat trick on Mariucci Ice.

The truck should be ready to go.

16 LTG. 86 degs in Tampa today.

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