The Tourist Season has begun

With the warmer weather and midnight sun comes the arrival of another summer anomaly: The Tourist. In March and April, we shared the roads with new tour bus drivers, who were learning how to drive while sharing Alaska tidbits over the bus loudspeaker.

Last week, I spotted the first full tour bus in Fairbanks. The bus had traveled the Parks Highway from Denali National Park. The swans, geese and cranes have been here for a few weeks, and now the tourists join the gaggle.

To add insult to injury, for those of us who are accustomed to seeing moose along the roadside, Sunday was National Tourist Day. Where did that celebration come from? Or, is that day, considered a warning? Time to prepare for the inevitable sudden stops for wildlife viewing.

As much as I love having them around, they are still just a moose! Alaska Tip: Pull off the roadway completely before stopping to gawk. The resident behind you will appreciate the effort.

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5 responses to “The Tourist Season has begun

  • GP

    Only 2 months? You’re lucky! Here in Florida, our season is 4-6 months! Right now I’m enjoying the peace and quiet.

  • Timothy

    I’m very much guilt of tourism myself, but the balance tourism-residence is now a similar challenge as to balance work v life.

    • icefogger

      I very much agree with you. I am guilty too, although I’ve been concentrating on Alaska lately. I make fun of the tourists, but will go out of my way for one that shows a genuine curiosity in Alaska. I have less of an interest in the ones who are just checking off a destination, while they spend all their money with Outside outfits, that shepherd them through the various tourist traps of the state.

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