That’s What One Gets Along The Interstate

I traveled an Interstate Highway for the first time since this trip began.  I feel dirty, but I will pull off of it tomorrow.  At breakfast, I listened to a couple complain about Lewis & Clark.  “I am so sick of everything being Lewis & Clark this, and Lewis & Clark that!  What did they ever do anyway?”  I was torn between equal parts disgust and utter amusement.  I mean really… what did they do?  Then they left me in peace to go to WalMart.  I am not making this up.

I was using the motel lobby last night, since the wifi was nonexistant in my room.  An elderly trio came into the motel, and basically set up camp and took over the front room.  There was a young guy behind the desk, and the poor kid had no chance.  They ran roughshod over him, and actually put some of their food in the fridge behind the desk, even though he told them that it was against the rules and he begged them not to get him into trouble.  When they ignored him, he chose the ignore them the best he could.  I bought three post cards from the kid, then told him, “Good luck.”  He thanked me and I went down the hall, only to be chased down by one of the women.  She had some religious handout, that she just had to share.  I politely declined several times before she finally stopped following me.  Why do people feel the need to nag?  Yep.  I need to get back on a two-laner.

I did cross the continental divide today, which was the highlight.  I’m getting to the Great Plains, which are beautiful in their own right, but I’ll be crossing them relatively quickly.



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