Williams Lake to Pink Mountain, BC


13 May 2013

What a beautiful day to be in British Columbia. Warm enough to have the window & vents open and cool enough for The Rover to purr along contentedly with no jump in the temp gauge in spite of all the major climbs. And we had a couple of those today.

We followed alongside the Fraser again this morning. Crossing it, as well as the Quesnel, Salmon, Crooked, Parsnip, Pine, and Peace Rivers.

The Bears Are Out:
I spotted three black bears today. One, I should have taken a picture. He was close to the road with the mountains and a frozen lake as a backdrop. Unfortunately, I was going downhill at the time, and had little interest in stopping & backtracking. A very cool sight regardless.

I decided to take BC Hwy 29 to avoid going east into Dawson Creek and Ft St John. 29 is a beautiful road, but it has some serious inclines.
Was stopped by an expat Brit in Hudson’s Hope when I filled up. He was driving a Disco, and would still be chatting with me if I hadn’t said I really had to get going if I was to get on the Al-Can tonight.
Then on top of a summit, when someone in Minnesota was calling The Rover a “lemon”, I stopped for a couple of photos. A young couple promptly swung into the rest area to say how much they liked the truck. We talked for a while, when once again, I had to excuse myself in order to gain some miles.

A side note: I was amazed by the feeling when I actually turned onto the Alaska Highway. As odd as it sounds, with all the twisting, turning, climbing and miles left to do, it was like I was finally on the final road to home. Currently, I believe I’m only 1300 miles away.

Piece of cake, eh?

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