Moving The Rover to the front of the line

Now that the scent of autumn is in the air, it’s time to put The Rover back together. Zipping around without the top has been fun, although it has been raining since I took the thing off. I think taking the top off will become a summer tradition. A soft top may have to be procured.

Dropping the windscreen

The first order of business is to replace the weatherstripping at the bottom of the windscreen. Other than the two ends, it was in surprisingly good shape. The snow leakage came from the top of the windscreen.

Dropped windscreen

I probably won’t make a habit out of driving with the windscreen down, with the drag the wiper motors make.

One dirty Lucas motor

Speaking of the wiper motor: Who would have thought that the underside of that Lucas motor would be that dirty?! It’s not like Lucas electrics leak…

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