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An honest political “ad”

November 8 can not come soon enough, because the endless political ads will cease to foul our airwaves on November 9. Usually, Alaska is ignored by the large donors with bags full of money to throw into the wind, but this year, we are suffering with the rest of the Lower 48.

The parody video above was done by the late comedian Trevor Moore. May he, and Clint Webb, rest in peace.

“The only way to fly…”

But, you’ll have to check the antlers…


The moose is a better mascot

A rather cheeky response to Western Airlines.  This was probably a local advert; I spotted it at the Pioneer Air Museum.  It certainly would have been a hit in Alaska in the 1970’s.

Adventure Safari

Rover Camping

A Series Saturday Edition:

Rover Camping

It can be anyThing!

A Flashback Friday Edition:


$2750.00 back in ’73.

No argument

Series RHD Interior

“A Land Rover is less of a car than a state of mind.”
— Car & Driver, 1964 Land Rover Review

Outdoor Hockey

Hockey City Classic 2014

Outdoor hockey returns to the Minnesota campus for the first time in 80 years in January 2014. It’ll be a double header: Ohio State vs. Minnesota in men’s hockey, and Minnesota State vs. Minnesota in women’s hockey.

Tickets for the event at TCF Bank Stadium went on sale today.

The Gumper!

Here’s an ad blast from the past:

Ambassador Brats

The Minnesota North Stars lured Gump Worsley out of retirement in 1969, where he played for five more years. Worsley was the first goalie to have 300 wins and 300 losses. He was also the second to last professional goaltender to play without a mask.

Sadly, neither The Gumper or the Met Center are still with us.