Watson Lake to Whitehorse, YT


Watson Lake to Whitehorse, YT

After topping fluids in front of the Air Force Lodge, it was a relatively uneventful drive up the Alaska Hwy. Very little wildlife to keep me entertained. A few caribou and a couple of fox.

Road construction and pilot trucks in the Yukon, no surprise there. A lot more snow than in BC, and daylight hours are already considerably longer. Temps are also quite a bit cooler.

My plans were to push on to at least Haines Junction and hopefully further, but Mother Nature had other plans. A bridge was seemingly washed out 50 miles from the junction of the Al-Can with the Klondike Hwy. Leaving me stuck on the Whitehorse side. Not much to be done. I had already looked into the Top of the World Highway, but the ferry across the Yukon isn’t in service yet, so that option isn’t in the cards either.

I hung out with several people at a nearby rest area for a while. There were several dogs around. Mostly labradors, but one guy had an extremely friendly Saint Bernard, that slobbered enough to cause another washout. A cool dog though.
Eventually, we all gave up for the day, and I backtracked to a campground I had passed.

Sometimes life just happens and all you can do is break out the scotch you’ve been hoarding.

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